Can you put brick slips on plasterboard?

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Can you put brick slips on plasterboard?

Many homeowners choose to go with brick slips if they are looking to revamp their interior walls. Not only are brick slips extremely easy to work with, but they are also very lightweight and very durable. This means you can have brick slips in almost any room in your home this is ideal if you want to create a beautiful feature wall in popular rooms living room.

But how exactly do you install brick slips? Is this something that you can easily do by yourself or do you need expert installer? The answer is quite simple, you can easily install brick slips as a DIY project in your home, but if you have no building experience and have never worked with brick slips before, it might be a good idea to get an expert installer to make sure that your brick slip installation is a success.

Brick slips have many different benefits to offer and one of these is the fact that they are very lightweight. This means that they can be put onto various different surfaces, and one of these is plasterboard.

Adding brick slips to plasterboard

You can fix brick slips to plasterboard easily and effectively. This is even more effective if you use a setting adhesive. Most adhesive fatuous recommend applying brick slips directly to a dry board. Plasterboard does not need to be skimmed before the adhesive is applied but experts do recommend that you add a couple of coats of PVA to seal the board first before you at the brick slips.

This is something that always need to check with a specific manufacturer of the brick slips you are looking for. You can also ask for expert help and advice if this is your first brick slip installation or if you are unsure of which materials and accessories to use.

There are many benefits to using plasterboard as they offer a flat and dry surface to work with. This is a stable substrate which makes installation of brick slips easier to do.

Plasterboard is great if you want a hassle-free installation process. Levels and corsets are made easier when the surface is even and free from damage. You will also need less adhesive if you are installing a plasterboard product is not being used to develop the surface.

When it comes to choosing the right size plasterboard, it is recommended to use 12 to 15 mm thickness with most brick slips. Most plasterboard or between 1,200 mm and 2,400 mm so this allows for 600 mm of stud work. Providing work is carried out by a qualified joiner any structure is sound, this type of substrate works perfectly with all types of brick slips.

You have to make sure that the surface of the drywall is dust free and with PVA before you start your installation. Dry and dusty surfaces again absorb way too much moisture from the adhesive too quickly. There’s can lead to the adhesive failing and not sticking properly to the substrate. Experts always recommend following manufacturers extractions and using Setting adhesive. If you want to use real clay bricks on plasterboard said adhesive is definitely recommended. There are many different brands available and you can ask our expert installers for advice and guidance on reach adhesive to choose for your specific installation.

You can also take manufacturer’s instructions as well as the product manuals before you start your installation to make sure that all your questions are answered energy have everything you need for a successful brick slip installation at your home.

Brick slips can be installed on almost any wall inside your house and in many cases, they can also be used outdoors. A good example is having a beautiful feature wall in your entrance hall or living area that guests will immediately notice. You can also choose to have the same beautiful look throughout your home by using brick slips on all your interior walls.

In general, clay brick slips are the most expensive due to the fact that they are cut from real bricks. It’s a great option for any interior wall, as clay brick slips are durable and strong. They have very good resistance to heat so they are ideal to use as a backdrop for fireplaces.

Pre-cast brick slips are generally less expensive than clay brick slips as they are manufactured into brick slips. These brick slips are water resistant and they are ideal for any room in the home, including bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms. 

Regardless of the type of brick slip you choose; you can benefit from a wide variety of styles and colours that will be ideal to fit in with the decor in your home. When you buy from a reliable manufacturer of brick tiles you can be assured of high-quality products as well as expert help and advice on the installation process.

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