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Can I Use Brick Slips with a Wood Burner?

Brick slips are a great way to add a beautiful style to your home. They can be used in almost any room in the home, including outside and even on your patio area. Depending on the type of brick slip you use, you can easily create a beautiful effect specific rooms, and even your beautiful brick slip floors feature walls in a specific room.

Since brick slips are so affordable, combined with the fact that they install very easy and are very lightweight, brick slips are very convenient and they are truly versatile. This is one reason why they have become so popular in recent years and one many homeowners choose to install brick slips in their homes, especially in fireplaces. 

Brick slips are often used around fireplaces, as they have excellent heat-resistant properties and are environmentally friendly. You can also use them in your bathroom, and choose from a variety of materials that can allow for anything from a minimalist style to a unique modern setting. 

These are a few of our most popular brick slips to use around your fireplace:

  • Our Cottage Blend Brick Slips give you a beautiful design for any feature wall inside your home. They have a traditional look and feel with a touch of red and yellow.
  • Millhouse Rustic Blend Brick Slips gives a great warm colour to your home. The have a beautiful colour and they are ideal for feature. 
  • The Padstow salt Grey Brick Slips have the perfect shade of grey. These brick slips boast a weathered brick slip that emulates a grey sea side brick with their salt washed finish.
  • Bakewell Weathered Brick Slips have a light brown finish and are ideal for fireplaces as the offer a traditional look that mimics a real brick wall.
  • London Weathered brick slips add a beautiful and very authentic London vibe in your home. These brick slips are cut from London yellow bricks and they have the perfect weathered finish.

Using Brick Slips in the Home

If you want to use your brick slips around your fireplace, you have a lot of benefits to gain. They are ideal for indoor use as you can create a brick-like look that creates a great atmosphere in any room. You can use them in your bedroom to create a natural, relaxing environment that is suited to your individual style. 

There are many areas in your home where you can use brick slips. The bathroom and kitchen are among the more popular rooms where you can install brick slips and brick tiles, as these rooms are used every day and take a lot of foot traffic. They allow any room to be very comfortable, warm and rustic, which is perfect for a room where families spend a lot of time in. 

Brick slips come in many different colours, making them popular to use in both residential and commercial buildings, and even in retail settings. Brick slips can be installed almost anywhere, to create a more rustic look, especially since modern homes today are built with a rough facing brick on the outside – but the inside is usually cladded in plasterboard. This gives home owners the perfect solution to create that popular rustic look. 

Looking for a brand-new image for your bedroom? You can easily revamp your bedroom and pre-cast brick slips are perfect for this. With so many different colours available, it’s easy to create a wall that fits in with any colour scheme or décor choice for any room. You can create a feature wall for your bedroom and even pair this with a beautiful brick tile floor that is hard wearing and durable too.

Brick slips are also perfect for kitchens and bathrooms because they are low maintenance easy to install, and can handle damp areas with ease. When used in the bathroom, these brick slips are often lightly sealed to help protect against fungi and algae. This will also make maintenance much easier to do. When you choose brick slips for the bathroom, remember to consider how much natural light to the bathroom gets, as this will help guide you when you choose the materials and colour for the wallcovering.

When you install brick slips at home, make sure you have all the right installation accessories, especially if you want to install brick slips in the bathroom. You need to make sure that it is properly sealed, so that your walls and floors can handle dampness and splashbacks without issue. You can also get a professional installer to assist you with these brick slip walls, especially if you have never worked with these materials. 

Regardless of whether you want to create a new look in your bedroom, living room or bathroom, brick slips are the perfect solution. From a stone effect, to a marble effect and even a wood effect – you can create almost any look and feel with pre-cast brick slips.  Although they are traditionally used around fireplaces, you are no longer restricted to these areas. Brick slips are lightweight and easy to use on any wall.    

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