Can Brick Tiles Work With Underfloor Heating?

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Can Brick Tiles Work With Underfloor Heating?

If you are looking to improve your home, then you might be thinking about underfloor heating. After all, the majority of our time is spent trying to keep warm as we are not blessed with the warmest of temperatures, even during the summer while our winters can get extremely cold.

Furthermore, you might be looking to add a modern look to your home and want to remove radiators from your walls in certain rooms such as the kitchen. As a result, underfloor heating becomes a perfect solution. Of course, for underfloor heating to work correctly you need to make sure that it works with your flooring. So, alongside underfloor heating, you might be looking to install brick tiles, so is it possible to bring the two together?


What Do Brick Tiles Offer?

Brick tiles are an amazing alternative to standard tiles. They come in a variety of styles and finishes, enabling you to capture the look you really want. What makes them so great is that they are very much like standard tiles in terms of how they are manufactured. As a result, they have the same properties and that makes it easier for you to plan how you will incorporate them into your home.


What About Underfloor Heating?

If you are considering underfloor heating then you are definitely going to need to think about your flooring. Underfloor heating is all about the level of heat transfer because they work differently from radiators.

When you consider radiators, they are fitted to the wall and they give off heat that is not blocked in any way. In contrast to this, underfloor heating is installed under your flooring which means it needs to pass through the flooring laid on top of it. The thicker this flooring is, the harder it will become to achieve a high level of heat transfer and this is why you often won’t see carpets and rugs laid on top of it.

However, with tiles, you will benefit from an exceptional level of thermal conductivity, making them one of the best options in kitchens and bathrooms. Once the underfloor heating has been installed, it is then possible to begin installing your brick tiles following the right method. However, your floors will retain a comfortable level of heat that will make them feel comfortable underfoot while also heating up the room.

In addition to this, brick tiles will also bring with them a range of options and choices as they are available in a range of colours and styles. They are also durable which means that they won’t be impacted by the heat either and that will give you peace of mind knowing that they will last.

Before you fit the tiles, you will need to use a decoupling membrane over the underfloor heating. This will ensure that any movement in the subfloor won’t cause the tiles to crack and all of that works to keep your home and your flooring looking its absolute best