Can Brick Slips Be Used In the Shower?

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Can Brick Slips Be Used In the Shower?

Your bathroom is a very personal space in the home, but it’s definitely one you can be creative in. When it comes to decorating your walls, you can use brick slips to create a unique feel to the room. This is exactly why you should choose the perfect combination of walls and floors, to create a style that is versatile and tiles that are long lasting and durable. Of all the options available, bathroom brick slips are among the most popular options home owners love to go with.

There are many reasons why you can revamp your bathroom, and specifically your shower. Whether you want a new style in the room, or upgrade your walls with a modern, durable finish, brick slips are ideal for any bathroom area. This is why you can consider our range of brick tiles and brick slips. 

The shower area can be the perfect way to make a stylish statement, especially if you have a small bathroom area and you want to attract attention. There is a wide selection of bathroom tiles available and you can easily choose from our range of brick slips for your bathroom. 


Bathroom Brick Slips

One of our popular options include the beautiful Green Glazed Premium Brick Slips. These offer a beautiful premium finish, with a rich green colour that is ideal for modern homes. They are very easy to install, lightweight, and made from clay. They have a glazed finish that is ideal for any bathroom, while giving a luxurious finish that will definitely stand out.

You can also go for our Prescot Studio Style Brick Slips. When sealed properly, they offer a very traditional brick wall for your shower, and you can create a traditional feel throughout your bathroom. They are mainly red with a mix of hues, and rough edges to give you a distinct look. They are 200mm thick and won’t take up a lot of floor space either. 


Our Dover White Brick Slips can be used in any modern bathrooms, especially where you want a lighter look and feel. They give you a very light alternative for darker bathrooms, or smaller spaces where you want to create a more open atmosphere. They are also BBA approved and can be used in shower spaces providing you properly seal them when you install them. 

How about a more neutral colour? Our Ashford Grey Brick Slips make are an amazing choice when considering brick effect tiles for your bathroom area. This is a premium brick slip with a generous mixture of greys, to give you a beautiful underground urban feature in the shower. 

Not only can you save a lot of time and money by installing these bathroom brick slips yourself, but you can choose from various popular options such as metro bathroom tiles, marble effect tiles, or mixed coloured brick slips. They create a unique space for your bathroom while also offering the ability to be creative and choose a style that is unique to your home and your personal preference. 

Using Brick Slips in Bathroom

When you use brick slips in your bathroom, especially for bathroom areas, we highly recommend that you seal them properly from the start. You can use either a gloss or matt sealant to make sure they wil withstand the moisture. A bathroom is a naturally quite damp and water spills can mean a wet environment, which is why sealing helps protect your shower walls. By sealing the brick slips you are making the surface of the brick slip hydrophobic allowing the water to bead from the clay.

If you really want to make sure that you have a successful project when you install bathroom brick slips in the home, you need to plan ahead, and decide on what products you want to use before you start. If you are not sure what brick slips to choose, get a sample from us. Make sure you get the colour and texture just right before you start installing your shower brick slips. 

Another thing to remember when you install brick slips is that bathroom brick slips can really open up a bathroom, so location is important. Pay attention to mirrors and where they are located. For example, if you want to add a mirror opposite a brick slip wall, you can easily double the exposure of that wall through line of site. Also remember that there will be heat in a bathroom, so if you want to position a towel rail near a shower brick slip wall will help to keep the clay dry and will also help to warm up the room faster due to the conductivity and heat retention.

With so many options available, you can use tiles to create a personalised look, or add a popular style that will be perfect in your bathroom for decades to come. Whether it’s metro tiles, marble effect tiles, or beautiful patterned bathroom tiles, you can be creative, avoid expensive prices, and benefit from a durable solution for your bathroom. 

Always start with a few samples, plan ahead for your entire project, and make sure that you have all the brick slip accessories you will need. This will ensure that your bathroom brick slip project are done perfectly and that your shower walls will last for many years. 

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