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Brick Slips vs Brick Wall Paper

When it comes to decorating your walls, brick slips have a lot to offer. Not only do they look beautiful but they can offer you real brick -like feel for your walls. This is one reason why home owners all over the world choose to work with brick slips to get that authentic look and feel for the inside of your home. Brick slips come in a wide variety of colours designs, which makes them extremely versatile to work with.

brick slips better then wallpaper

You can easily revamp the interior of your home by simply choosing a beautiful brick slip tiled there are very lightweight and versatile you can easily use them on any wall in the home. They are easy to install they are also so they don’t take up a lot of floor space. Home owners and business owners know that brick slips can last for decades at a time and that is why there are the preferred way of decorating interior walls.

Brick slips can be used to create a beautiful and attractive feature wall in your home or office space all you can use brick slips to simply get the traditional brick -like look on the inside of your home like you do on the outside. This is one of the main reasons why people use brick slips on the inside of your home so that they can have traditional brick like look without having to rebuild their interior walls.

Brick wallpaper might offer a very quick solution to get different look inside your home that they simply cannot compare with real brick slips. They do not offer the same look and feel as a real brick slip and they do not offer the quality brick slips can offer you. With real brick slips you can get a real brick finish that is textured and can last for ever with virtually no maintenance. Also choose from a wide variety of colours and designs to you can truly be creative with the inside of your home.

Brick slips can allow you to have the same traditional inside your home and this is a very popular option owners around the wall. You can easily install brick slips almost any wall in the house without having to reboot or make any complicated structural changes.

Brick slips are also ideal to revamp your interior of your office, as you can use them to instantly leave the interior look and feel of your office building any other crash space. They come in a wide variety of colours as well as various textures, and you can even choose to stay with traditional red brick slip authentic and rugged side your building or commercial space.

Choosing from Different Brick Slips

with so many options to choose from really be creative in your home or office, as you can choose from brick slips that come in a wide variety of colours and finishes. You can also choose brick slips they are made from different materials, such as a or precast brick slips. This means you can benefit from an affordable way of changing the inside of your home or office without having to rebuild any walls and end up with a beautiful brick wall that requires virtually no maintenance will definitely attract your guest’s attention.

Traditional brick slips still remain among the most popular brick slips available as they give you the brick -like effect. They have a raid and brown finish so you can make the inside of your home looks similar walls you have on outside. Another option is to use smooth brick slips as they have a beautiful finish and they are ideal for living areas, kitchen areas, or even bedrooms as they give you a stylish, smooth look.

Pre-cast brick slips are similar to traditional brick slips as they are already cut in layers to represent real brick, with a variety of designs ready to use. They are manufactured in different designs and textures, allowing you to simply add a pre-cast brick slip wall to any room in the house. Pre-cast brick slips have become very popular as they are easy to work with and they can simply be made to look like any type of face brick that you would normally see on the outside of a building or house.

Pre-cast brick slips are modern, durable, lightweight and very easy to work with. They can be used in a variety of designs, ready to be installed on your walls. They come in various thickness of and this means that you can use them on any type of wall. One of our most popular pre-cast brick slips are the Crook BBA Deep Red Brick Slips, which are ideal for any room inside the home where you want a more traditional, red brick look. 

If you are in the market for new brick slips for your home or office you can browse our collection online and even ordered a few samples so that you can see how a specific colour or design will look in your home. 

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