Brick Slips in the Modern Home

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Brick Slips in the Modern Home

Brick Slips have a lot of benefits to offer especially since it is so versatile and cost-effective to use.  They can be installed in almost any room in the home and this makes them incredibly popular among modern homeowners. Regardless of the colour or the style you want,  you can have the ideal brick slip for the inside of your home.

When it comes to choosing brick slips there are truly a lot of options to go with. You can choose from many different colours as well as a wide variety of finishes. This makes brick slips look incredibly popular especially in modern homes as they are so lightweight and easy to install.  Homeowners can simply choose the style and colour they want and instantly revamp any interior room in the home without having to rebuild the walls.

Another great benefit of using bricks slips is that you can easily have the same traditional brick-like feel inside the home as you do for your outside walls. Face brick walls remain popular and you can have the same look and feel inside your home by using traditional brick slips. These brick slips come in different colours and you can be as creative as you want while installing a lightweight and cost-effective finish for your walls. Brick slips are very cost-effective as they can be installed into almost any interior wall without having to rebuild any part of the wall.

The fact that you can instantly rebuild your walls also saves you a lot in terms of workmanship as you don't have to hire a team of builders to revamp your interior walls. Another great option is to add a beautiful feature wall to your rooms which will immediately attract attention and stand out in any environment. You can also add the illusion of more space to a smaller area such as a bathroom,  by using a light coloured brick slip such as grey or white. 

If you want to revamp a guest bedroom or another popular living space you can even go with a premium brick-like look and choose a modern finish such as glazed brick slips that will give you a beautiful and stylish look. These are just some of the great ideas you can use when installing our great brick slips in your home.

One of the main reasons why modern home owners enjoy working with brick slips is the fact that they are very lightweight and also thin. This means they won't take up a lot of floor space making it even more convenient and definitely more cost-effective than building a traditional brick wall. Most brick slips are around 20 mm thick so they won't take up a lot of space and they are very lightweight so they can be installed onto almost any wall.

If you want to buy modern brick slips that you can use in your bathroom and even around the shower, you need to make sure that you properly seal them. This means you can easily use them anywhere you have damp or moist environment, making them also ideal to install as a beautiful kitchen splashback that will last for decades at a time. 


White Brick Slips

Another option is to go with a light coloured brick slip such as our white brick slips that can give you a great look in any room and also create the idea of more space in smaller or darker rooms. White brick slips can easily be used in the kitchen, as well as the bathroom, or any other space where you need to create more light. These brick slips are lightweight and easy to install, and you can also order samples from us to make sure you have the right product to work with.


Yellow Brick Slips

Yellow brick slips are also a very popular option as this can be used to create a very modern yet sophisticated look in the home. Yellow is a colour that can be used in any room, and is especially popular in kitchens and living rooms. You can combine brick slips with many different colours such as white, red, and brown for a unique style and colour combination.



Grey Brick Slips

You can also choose grey brick slips for any room in the home, even outside in your patio area. Brick slips are ideal for creating a rustic or even industrial look and grey brick slips look perfect for any of these scenarios. Grey is also a very neutral colour that can easily be combined with bright colours to create a beautiful feature wall anywhere in the home.


When it comes to choosing the right brick slip, always ask for helpful information on how to attempt the installation process. We can give you helpful tips and advice on choosing the right accessories to do the job as well as how you can choose the right brick slip for your specific room.  Brick slips are especially popular in kitchens and living areas, or anywhere you need to create a beautiful feature wall that will definitely throw your guests attention. 

If you have a fireplace you can choose brick slips for a beautiful backdrop and create the same look as a traditional brick wall. Since they handle heat very well this is a great way to add a beautiful future peace to your living room.

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