Brick Slips - A Solution To All Your Problems

Posted by Gary Webb on

Brick Slips Can Solve Your Problems

Whether you enter a coffee shop or the home of a friend who has brick slips installed, you’re certain to be stopped in your tracks. However, you might not have appreciated the benefits and how they can solve a variety of problems. Whether it’s a problem that arises or the need to change an existing feature, brick slips are an easy solution that you might have overlooked, so let’s look at the way that brick slips can solve your problems.


Failing Brickwork

One problem you might experience is the failing of external or internal bricks. They can crumble, crack and break which leaves you feeling as though they need replacing. The cost alone has you panicking but brick slips can alleviate this problem. This is because the surface of the crumbling brick can be cut away, leaving room for your brick slip to be installed on top.


Brick Slips On Your fireplace

It’s not a new concept to fit brick slips around your fireplace because people have been doing this to enhance the look and feel of their home for some time. But, there is also the need to consider the chimney. If you don’t have a traditional brick chimney and have a modern flue, it is likely to alter the external image of your property. So, brick slips can be used to hide your existing flue by installing brick slips around them.


Saving Space

If you own a small property then you might be worried about space when it comes to renovating and making changes. With small accommodation comes a need to maximise space but the idea of installing real bricks is something that becomes a pipe dream. The thickness of the bricks will mean that you lose floor space and that will result in the need for something to give.

With brick slips, you can add real brick to your home without the worry of losing valuable space. They are a feasible alternative because they are slim and can be installed easily.


You Can Always Find a Design You Like


Every home is different, every style is unique and different homeowners have different ideas. So, you might think that brick slips are boring and look like standard bricks but this is not the case. Brick slips are extremely versatile because they come in a variety of colours and styles that give you the ability to find something that fits your taste and your home.


You will find that there are glazed brick slips, different coloured brick slips and different styles, giving you plenty of options to choose from. This gives you endless opportunities to transform rooms and create a completely new look in very little time. From your kitchen to your bathroom, shower room and even your office, you can have fun when it comes to deciding where brick slips should be installed.


So, there it is. We can see that brick slips are ready to solve a variety of problems and concerns that you might have, so perhaps now is the time to get your brick slips ordered.