Brick Slip Uses - They’re More Versatile Than You Realise

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Brick Slip Uses - They’re More Versatile Than You Realise

Brick Slips are not a hugely new innovation but they’re a lot newer than other decor-based solutions, so it’s common for many people to wonder how and where they can be used. The reality is that Brick Slips can be used throughout homes, throughout offices and in a whole range of other settings, as they provide the opportunity to match standard bricks on extensions, walls and more. They give you the possibility of transforming the look of any part of a property whether it’s a home or a commercial building. It’s safe to say that Brick Slips are hugely versatile.

Brick walls have an element of tradition and style to them that give them their own character and that’s what makes people become attracted to Brick Slips. Through the years, they have grown in popularity and now many people are choosing to use them over traditional bricks. They are affordable, versatile, manageable and a great alternative and what’s even more important is that they can be used anywhere, so let’s take a look at some examples.


Feature Walls

This is one of the more common reasons for using Brick Slips and we have touched on this in previous articles but it’s one that we cannot ignore. They make the ideal cladding solution and because they come in a huge range of colours, designs and textures, they can transform any space. From kitchens to living rooms and bedrooms, they blend perfectly with any decor and can turn even the blandest of rooms into a vibrant space that is filled with life and character. 



As mentioned, they are now being used in place of standard brick and block construction. It’s simple and efficient to install in comparison as all they need is an external or internal wall to be fitted on. They can completely transform any renovation project, giving any building a unique appearance that is aesthetically pleasing and will stand the test of time. Whether it’s a home or a commercial property, they are extremely versatile which makes them perfect for renovation projects.



Outbuilding can prove challenging to determine what to do with them. Often they are lacking any character and trying to work out what to do with them can take time. However, these kinds of buildings could be considered a blank canvas which means that you can get creative with Brick Slips. Whether they are old outbuildings or modern buildings, they can become whatever you want them to be. Using them externally is a great way of achieving a finish that you actually want without the need of carrying out significant structural work, so whether it’s a modern grey or a traditional red, you can get creative and achieve the desired look you want

Each Brick Slip is unique, even if they are from the same batch because they provide a unique variation between each other. This gives them an authentic appearance and that is something that enables your outbuilding to look unique.




Fireplaces can often leave a living room or even a bedroom lacking character or personality because it’s often difficult to think of ideas that will transform it into something special. Despite this, you can create an exciting feature and give your fireplace something unique with Brick Slips. By cladding the surround and the chimney breast, you can give your property a traditional appearance or a contemporary look, giving you the freedom to explore new opportunities when it comes to the look of your property.

Brick Slips are extremely versatile and that makes them extremely useful across a range of areas. It doesn’t matter if you're a homeowner or a business owner, you can create a look that captures everything you are looking for, it really is that simple.