Brick Slip Breakages - It’s Not Always as Bad as it Seems

Posted by Gary Webb on

Brick Slip Breakages - It’s Not Always as Bad as it Seems

Just like most things, when you place an order for your beautiful brick slips, it is likely that you will expect them to arrive in pristine condition. While we make sure that the brick slips we send out are in good condition, breakages do happen. So, it is worth preparing for breakages but when they do happen, it is important that you are ready to deal with the situation.


Prepare for 10% Breakages

There is no denying that brick slips are a stunning product that will add a huge touch of class and style to your home and space. They are durable and long lasting too but there is one downside to them - they can break easily. Before they are installed We have to state that we do not send out broken brick slips but some might get damaged during the delivery process because they are rather thin. So, we recommend that you consider ordering 10% more than you need, this way, you won’t have to wait to have your new replacement brick slips delivered.


Using Damaged Brick Slips

When you find damaged brick slips, it can prove extremely frustrating, but as we have mentioned, if you are prepared for it then it won’t be as much of a shock. However, this can be a blessing in disguise because your brick slips won’t fit exactly into the space that you have. As a result, you won’t need to go cutting full brick slips but instead, you can use some of the breakages. This might seem like the perfect scenario but it is not one that you should dismiss. When you come across damaged brick slips, don’t think of it as being a waste or consider throwing them away. Instead, look at how you can use them and make the best of a bad situation.


Remember That Brick Slips Are Not Perfect

It is important to remember that brick slips are not perfect but that is what makes them so unique. Slight marks and imperfections can add to their charm, so even if you notice that some are chipped, you can still use them because they won’t look out of place. Even if you are unsure of using them then instead of placing them within view, you can opt to fit them up high or down low where they are less likely to be seen.

The great thing about brick slips is that they are extremely versatile, regardless of whether you use them indoors or outdoors. They can transform a space instantly and that is why so many people are now choosing to install them. So, with a little planning and forward thinking, you can get yourself ready for the disappointment of broken brick slips but then you can prepare yourself with a solution on how to use them. When you put broken brick slips to use, it can be rather satisfying, so make sure those breakages become a part of your space in whatever way fits!