Bathroom Inspiration - Making Your Bathroom a Haven of Style and Peace

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Bathroom Inspiration - Making Your Bathroom a Haven of Style and Peace

We all want our homes to look impressive but it’s important to find that balance between looking like a show home and practicality. After all, our homes are lived in and need to serve a purpose but when it comes to design and decor, one of the most important rooms in the home is the bathroom.

While the bathroom might seem like the place where you seem to gaze hazily into the mirror each morning, it is also the place that becomes your haven. Whether you are the type to hop in the shower for a quick wash or you spend time relaxing in the bath, it’s a space that’s hugely important when it comes to decor. It’s fair to say that relaxing in the bath while staring and basic colours and plain walls is hardly close to that spa experience you’re looking for and so, it’s time to put your creativity to use.

You might have many different ideas or visions for your bathroom and we want to help you realise your design dreams by showing you how influential Brick Slips and Brick Tiles could in helping you achieve that perfect bathroom.


Planning Your Bathroom for Brick Tiles or Brick Slips

If you’re in the process of planning your new bathroom then you are going to love having a blank canvas from which you can work. The great thing about Brick Slips and Brick Tiles is the way in which they open the door to endless possibilities. Of course, you’re going to want to get things right but understanding just what these two solutions can off will help to clear things up.

Brick Slips are made from thin cuts of bricks or they are made from concrete or composite material that is moulded to look like actual bricks. Either way, they look and feel like real bricks and that enables you to transform your space.

Brick Tiles are made from porcelain or ceramic and they are designed to look like real bricks although they have the same characteristics as the tiles we commonly see fitted in bathrooms.

What might surprise you is the variety of Brick Slips and Brick Tiles on offer. This might make the decision of choosing something difficult but we believe that variety is important. We offer the likes of the Millhouse Rustic Blend Brick Slips or the modern Newbury Grey Brick Slip. When it comes to tiles, you can choose from the likes of Rustic White Brick Tiles or keep it clean-cut with Charcoal Brick Tiles, there are no limits!

Bathroom Inspiration

Your bathroom is personal to you but getting the design right requires you take inspiration from its characteristics. You’ll need to consider the size of the room and the space available because you want your Brick Slips or Brick Tiles to create that feeling of space. So, you can opt for lighter tones if space is limited. If space isn’t an issue then a feature Brick Slip wall can really make a difference. With a roll top bath set against Rustic Grey Single Brick Tiles, you’ll have a luxurious space that will entice you to relax and unwind after a day at the office. With a bigger space, you can play around with light and dark colours but you’ll also want to make sure it doesn’t feel empty and cold. Brick Slips or Brick Tiles work brilliantly with porcelain fittings and accessories such as wooden furniture and artificial plants, giving an injection of colour and style.

However, one thing to remember is the importance of sealing your Brick Slips because a sealer will ensure that moisture and water do not cause any problems.


So, the process of creating your perfect bathroom is one that is exciting and rewarding but opting for Brick Slips or Brick Tiles will ensure you create a space that is truly spectacular.