Are Brick Slips Waterproof?

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Are Brick Slips Waterproof?

If you are contemplating installing brick slips in your home it is always a good idea to find out what their benefits and their limitations are. Many people wonder how strong slips will be and how easy they are to install, but there is one other question that is also very popular. Are brick slips waterproof?


The short answer is no. But they can be made waterproof! Brick slips are not waterproof and they should not be used as a way of waterproofing wall. Brick slips are fairly absorbent and they will be sucking moisture with ease. If you are building a house out of bricks this is never an issue is usually always a cavity. That with brick slips, as long as water moisture various have been used in the construction process, then water absorption should not be an issue. But you cannot assume that brick slips are waterproof.

A solution for waterproofing

When installing bricks on internal walls there is never really a need to have the slips waterproofed. The only reason why this may be necessary is if you want to install brick slips in a bathroom (directly where water would go like a shower cubicle). In both instances you can use a quality sealer or a waterproof solution to make the surface hydrophobic. This is a great solution for homeowners to ensure that unnecessary water and dampness can’t seep through the tiles and cause mould or mildew. This sealer can be purchased from our website.

There are different types of sealers available, whether a unique loss format. It will seal the surface of the brick fully and it will stop any water from penetrating the brick slips surface. It will make the brick slip fully water repellent and it’s a great solution for installing brick slips in the kitchen or a bathroom.

Waterproofing acts differently than a sealer in that it stops water molecules but still allows air molecules. This kind of product will still allow brick slips to breather while keeping all the water out.

You do not need to seal brick slips unless you want to use them in an area where there may be moisture. This means very versatile and easy to use which is a great benefit for most homeowners. If you want to add a feature for kitchen area, you will need to waterproof them effectively so they can keep out moisture.

Other benefits of brick slips

but from the fact that you can use brick slips in a kitchen or bathroom area they have other benefits to offer. Becoming a wide variety of colours and designs easy for you to choose a specific layout that will fit in with your decor option in the home. Brick slips are very lightweight and this they are easy to work with and very easy to install. The fact that they are lightweight allows you to install them onto almost any wall.

Brick slips can also be installed onto a floor area, providing it choose the best type of brick slip and use a proper. By properly ensuring that you have a strong and durable bricks that can handle the traffic, and you give them a nonslip coating, you can create a beautiful brick slip floor in your home.

You can also use brick slips to create one beautiful feature that will stand out in your home. You can go with beautiful golden colours or you can choose brick slip and slide glass, you can even choose brick slip have a glossy finish. This means that brick slips can also be ideal for high-end homes that need to have also truly stand out and give you a beautiful character to the room.

When it comes to choosing brick slips always make sure that you ordered a few samples to compare the different types available and make sure that you have the right colour and designed to install in your home. This is a great way to get a feel for what you will be working with an experienced first-hand how easy and lightweight it is to handle brick slips and brick tiles.

When you order brick slips you can also get expert help and advice on how to properly install brick slips in your home. Can assist you with tips on how to waterproof your brick slips and you can also order a few samples from an online store. We also have all the installation accessories and tools you may need, making us your one stop shop all your brick slips installation needs.

With so many benefits to offer slips are truly and they are ideal for almost any home. You can use them to create a feature wall inside your home or you can use them as a covering for your floor. There are ideal for mostly room and they come in a wide variety of colours sure that you can truly be creative. Ordered a few bricks samples today and get the ideal look and feel for your home.

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