Are Brick Slips the Next Big Thing?

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Are Brick Slips the Next Big Thing?

Brick slips are incredibly popular especially in modern homes they are very versatile and allow you to easily create a beautiful interior wall that mimics the look of a traditional face brick external wall. 

With so many different colours and designs to choose from it is easy to see why more homeowners are choosing brick slips to create beautiful feature walls and attract attention to the interior of their home. Brick slips are becoming a great alternative to traditional brick walls.

There are many ways in which you can use brick slips in your home you can choose from various stylish designs to create a beautiful feature wall inside your living area or kitchen. It is a great way to attract attention and also to add personalised style to your indoor environment. 

With brick slips you can easily get the same great look for your interior walls without having to build a brand-new wall with face bricks. You can also have modern, cost-effective yet beautiful walls right inside your home that won’t break the bank. Best of all, they require virtually no maintenance so this is definitely a very good investment for any property owner to make.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of modern brick slips to home owners.


The Benefits of Brick Slips

There are truly a lot of benefits that you can gain from installing brick slips in your home. They add a wide variety of styles and colours to your interior and this means that you can easily blend it into your existing décor to add a touch of style or even a brand-new feature. 

Brick slips are very lightweight and beautiful which means that they are very easy to work with and easy to install. You can create many different interior walls tiles and these brick slips can also be used on exterior walls.

They are very similar to normal bricks, as they are breathable, durable, and recyclable. They are also very energy efficient which makes them great for modern interiors. This is also why modern home owners choose to use brick slips instead of re-building interior walls. 

But brick slips are not only reserved for your interior spaces, as these brick slips can be used outdoors, making them perfect for entertainment areas as well as an outside patio wall. 


Adding Brick Slips to Your Kitchen

Your kitchen can be the perfect place to add beautiful brick slips to your wall, especially as a splashback. There are many options to choose from, such as our range of mixed colour brick slips that can provide a beautiful feature wall to any kitchen.

We have a range of great brick tiles available to add to your kitchen, including a range of beautiful white brick slips that make for the perfect backdrop for a modern home. This is a great option if you want a neutral environment that is light and practical. White brick slip walls will also blend in perfectly with other colours as this is a great way to create the illusion of space in your kitchen. 


Adding Brick Slips to Your Bathroom

You can also add a variety of styles to your bathroom and you can go with classic colours like white and gold or you can go for a bright feature wall with emerald colours to truly add a level of sophistication to your home.

When you want to add a brick slip wall to your bathroom, always make sure that you properly seal your wall to avoid any damp entering and causing problems later on. Brick slips are ideal for bathroom areas as they provide the perfect splashback and they are very easily sealable.


Adding Brick Slips To Your Fireplace

Another popular area where you can use brick slips is around your fire. This is traditionally where red and rustic bricks used to be featured and you can now get the same look and feel by easily installing brick slips as a backdrop to your fireplace. They also handle heat very well making it very easy for you to install them without having to make any structural changes.

A great example of brick slips that you can use in your fireplace is our BBA approved brick slips. They carry a British Board of Agrément (BBA) certification and are safe and reliable. They are durable and perfect for fireplaces as they can handle heat very well. They also come in a very wide range of options so that you can create a beautiful backdrop that is not only modern but sophisticated.

When it comes to choosing brick slips there are a wide variety of colours and designs to choose from. You can also choose more than one type of colour to blend your own unique style to the interior of your home or you can simply go for a traditional rugged face brick look for your interior walls, which is always attention-grabbing and modern. 

We have a large range of brick slips available for every style and preference. You can request samples before you buy, making it easy to get the right brick slip for you needs. This is a great way to make sure you get the perfect style for your home. 


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