Are brick slips OK to use on a Splashback?

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Are brick slips OK to use on a Splashback?

The flexibility of brick slips is unrivalled. A tile that appears to be and is made of genuine brick. Today we're going over some brick slip splashback ideas so you can get started. We'll show you how to utilise these thin slices of beautiful clay to your advantage!

Are brick slips OK to use on a Splashback?

The practicality of brick slip splash backs goes far beyond a kitchen. They provide a unique and powerful function by combining modern and traditional elements. Brick slips may last for years if properly installed in wet places and sealed. When it comes to actually having the brick slips installed it is very much the same as having them installed anywhere in the home but a little bit of guidance can be seen below.

If you already have a splashback install, do not worry. Covering it with brick slips is usually a lot easier than removing the old tiles.

The first thing to do is check that the existing material be it tiles or even old brick are not loose. If anything is loose or cracked we recommend removing it all as that would indicate it is not fixed to the wall properly and fixing brick slips over the top can lead to them falling of. If they're sound then here's how to proceed with your brick slip backsplash project.

First make sure all your brick slips are in perfect order with no damages, and then ensure you mix the boxes up to get plenty of variation. Follow our blog "How to Install Brick Slips" for setting out and getting started on the installation. The only thing to consider is if you are going over existing tiles is that an appropriate adhesive is being used.

Sealing Advice

In general, brick slips do not require sealing. On the other hand, splash backs tend to get a little bit messy sometimes especially with oil spills which can cause permeant stains on your new brick slips if not properly sealed! And at the end of the day it is better safe than sorry!

In general your installer can give you sealing advice although we do offer a product on our website for those looking for a matt sealer which does not alter the appearance of the brick slips. For those looking for a wet look finish most brick merchants will have a sealer that is suitable.

**Always Seal The Brick Slips Before Pointing Them**

It is worth noting that sealants will only defend against staining and they do not offer a full stain protection.