Are Brick Slips Expensive?

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Are Brick Slips Expensive?

If you are looking for a reliable and durable way to transform your interior walls brick slips offer the perfect solution. They are available so many different styles and designs, allowing you to truly creative and create a beautiful feature wall in almost any room in your home.

Brick slips can very popular over the last few years, especially since they are so versatile and also so affordable. Is a great alternative to rebuild an entire brick wall and it is so convenient that you can even do this as a DIY installation, providing that you have all the right accessories and installation tools.

There are so many different options that you can choose from when it comes to brick slips for your home, that is important to compare different types of brick slips as well as different materials, so that you can choose the right solution for the interior of your home. Can easily be installed onto different walls in your home especially if you want to add a beautiful feature wall in a kitchen or bathroom.

But one of the most important aspects of using brick slips in your home is the fact that they are so cost-effective. You can easily create a beautiful feature wall with brick slips for a fraction of the price of rebuilding the wall with traditional face bricks, which is a very popular look to have in modern homes.

The affordability of brick slips

prices by four brick slips will depend greatly on the type of brick slip you choose, as well as the material it is made of, and finish. As a general guideline, you can buy brick slips online from as little as £35.99 per half metre, and brick tiles from £37,99 per square metre.

This means brick slips are incredibly affordable to use inside your home especially since you can use this as a DIY installation and use them on your walls or your floors.

But brick slips have many other benefits to offer, including the fact that they are so lightweight. These lightweight brick tiles will allow you to install them onto almost any wall and this is great for interior decor options you want to work with a unique design for your wall.

If you choose brick slip that are very close to a conventional brick slip you can get a really affordable brick slip installation. With instant brick slips adding you can add instant character to wall by simply fitting these cost-effective cladding options onto the wall to replicate traditional brick wall with natural stone look.

The cost of brick slips will vary significantly depending on the type of brick slips you buy. Also depend on the surface you want to install the brick slips on as well as the tools and accessories you need to complete your installation. It’s a great way to save money, however if you have never worked with brick slips before it might be a good idea to professional installer to ensure that your installation is successful.

Another benefit to consider is the fact that a properly installed brick slip will hardly require any maintenance which means that this is a very cost-effective option in the long run. Even if you have more upfront expenses to installing a brick wall it might a great investment you for many years to come.

How brick slips work

Brick slips are usually supplied in individual units that can easily be fitted onto a backing board. Processes very similar to dialling as horizontal lines are set to help you with the positioning while you install. You will then need and special adhesive that you can apply to the surface and this will depend on the type of brick slips you are installing. Installing brick slips usually starts with the corner units and you may need spacer units to gauge the mortar lines. Another option is to purchase cladding that are already fitted with brick like tiles which will significantly cut down on installation time. However, this might be more expensive than buying single brick tiles online so is always important to compare pricing options.

A popular reason for applying brick slips inside a home is for wall insulation as brick slips offer a very reliable form of insulation for almost any type home. This is also a great way to upgrade your home to a modern standard and increase your energy efficiency while preserving the same traditional look than a rugged brick wall. This is a great benefit for any modern homeowner are looking for ways to improve their energy efficiency while also cutting down on maintenance cost in the long run.

Brick slips really do come in a wide variety of colours and designs and you can be as creative as you want to make comes to choosing the perfect brick tile for your home. Whether you like a premium brick slip with the glazed finish or even a modern glass-like brick slips, you have plenty of options to choose from.

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