A Guide to Using Our Visualiser - Make the Right Brick Slip Choice

Every home is different, even if they are built with the same design because inside the home is where people add their own touch or style. Some might prefer to keep things crisp and clean with a modern look while some might prefer a traditional look, whatever it might be, getting the look you want is especially important. Nobody wants to spend every waking minute of the day looking at wallpaper that they dislike or carpet that doesn’t quite match up with their colour scheme and the same can be said about brick slips.

Once you begin your search for brick slips, you’ll instantly notice that there are so many different options available to you. So, this is where our visualiser can help and we’re about to help you get the most from it.


Choose From Preset Scenes

If you don’t have the ability to upload an image of your own rooms, then we have taken care of this for you. We have pre-loaded scenes which enable you to get an idea of how brick slips will look in different parts of the home. Choose from kitchens to hallways and bathrooms to living rooms, all of which give you an idea of how brick slips will look on large areas such as full walls and smaller areas such as fireplaces.


Add Your Own Image

This is one of the most impressive elements of the visualiser which is having the ability to use your own image. Nothing is more satisfying than being able to see how brick slips will look in your own home. Take a quick picture and then upload it to the visualiser and from here, you can then add in different brick slips in the different styles and colours. You now have the scope to see how brick slips will look without the need to purchase samples or even try to visualise it in your mind. You can’t make a costly error or waste time fitting brick slips that you don’t like, enabling you to discover brick slips that match your exact needs.


You Can Even Print Them Out

Perhaps you want to share the look with friends and family or you want to use your chosen brick slips to try and match up other parts of your decor such as paint or even a new sofa.  You will now have greater control of the entire process and you will reduce the risk of making errors or wasting money.


Share, Share and Share Again

Want to get the thoughts of people you know? You can now upload your project to social media which includes Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. So, you can get people talking about your choice and you might even find that others inspire you to try something different, which makes choosing brick slips extremely exciting!

Our visualiser is changing the way in which you can enhance the look of your home. With greater control and the ease at which you can consider different options, it has never been easier to achieve the look you desire!