10 Uses For Brick Slips

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10 Use For Brick Slips

Who doesn't like the look and feel of an exposed brick wall? The warmth and colour that bare bricks provide is timeless. Fortunately, achieving this look is easier than ever; brick tiles are an affordable and efficient way to upgrade the interior or exterior of your home without having to construct a new brick wall from scratch.

Also known as a brick slip or brick veneer, a brick tile is a thin slice of brick that can be applied to a surface to give it the appearance of a genuine brick wall. Although it lacks the structural support that a traditional brick wall provides, a wall adorned with brick tiles is just as aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient as a regular brick wall. In fact, the difference is hard (if not impossible) to notice.

Brick tiles are convenient because unlike a full-sized brick, it only takes up a fraction of the space while being cost-effective and easy to install.

Here are 10 places you can use brick slip walls effectively:

  1. Kitchens. Use smooth brick slips to create a warm and inviting environment in your kitchen.
  2. Bathrooms. Accent a bathroom wall with brick tiles or outline a door frame.
  3. Living room. An exposed brick feature wall can enhance the character and warmth of a living room.
  4. Kids’ rooms. You can be creative with brightly coloured brick slips for kids’ rooms. 
  5. Patio areas. With the right style, you can create a modern outside patio area with brick slips. 
  6. Restaurants and bars. Brick slips are excellent for public and commercial areas, as they are durable.
  7. Outdoor structures. With proper installation and sealing, you can easily use brick slips outside. 
  8. Office spaces. Modernize your office with beautiful contemporary brick slips. 
  9. Hallway floors. Add durable brick slips for your hallway floors. 
  10. Fireplaces. Traditional brick slips are perfect for your fireplace as they handle heat well. 

Although brick tiles lack the structural integrity of a regular brick wall, they do retain the insulation effects of normal-sized bricks. This means you can create an energy efficient wall or room that retains heat while reducing the weight and thickness of a wall. You also gain a bit of valuable floor space as well, since brick tiles can be applied to walls or surfaces that are thinner than a traditional brick wall.

Are Brick Slips Easy to Install?

In short, yes. Brick tiles offer many more advantages than disadvantages. They're cost effective, energy efficient and easy to install. They can be customised in a variety of ways and applied quickly to any surface. They're a fashionable and economical choice for anyone that wants a brick wall, without the hassle of building a brick wall. If you want the look of an exposed brick wall in your home then brick tiles are the solution.

Brick effect tiles aren’t nearly as prone to damage as real natural-finish tiles like brick or limestone. This means that they are the easier option for people who don’t want to fuss too much about their tiles – but still want a great look.

They aren’t difficult or expensive to install, and don’t nearly require as much work or maintenance as natural stone tiles. This is one of the factors that can make brick effect tiles suited to almost any area in the house.

Brick effect tiles have many benefits over just opting for tiles. In colder areas, they can help to reflect the heat off the tiles instead of absorbing the cold – and they can also add a protective element when used in a bathroom or kitchen. When properly installed, brick effect tiles don’t require as much maintenance as any natural stone tile finish and they can last for years.

Brick effect tiles don’t require special treatment or regular sealant in the same way that stone finishes do – and they don’t absorb dirt in the same way as regular brick. This means that they are a great affordable and low-maintenance option for any homeowner who still wants to achieve an effective look in their house without the effort or work.

Brick effect tiles aren’t just an excellent choice for the inside of your home, but some people are also choosing to install them on the outside. Any patio or leisure area outside that would look great with a brick finish without the time or effort of physically installing bricks can benefit from a brick-like finish.

These are just some of the great tiling options you can choose from if you want to revamp your office building. At My Brick Wall, we have a wide variety of brick slips available at very affordable prices. Browse online for different office styles and also ask for samples before you choose your colour and design.

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